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You can do the same math simply by calculating how many deliveries you think you can complete in an hour plus what you can expect to average per delivery. Second, I use DoorDash as a side hustle, rather than as my primary source of income. This is important because it means I can limit my working hours to peak times when delivery demand is at its highest.

My friend Ron over at Entrecourier uses what he calls the 50-Cent Rule. In general, if he believes he can complete an order and make 50 cents per minute for that order, he’ll take it. Thus, if he gets a $6 order, he’ll accept it if it’s likely he can complete the order in 12 minutes or less. There’s going to be some nuance here, but that’s not a bad rule of thumb to use until you figure out what works in your market.

Doordash Review: A Great Way To Make Extra Cash

If I am coming off as rude or arrogant or uptight to customers I really don’t mean to. I enjoy interacting with customers even though I am not the most social person. I am puzzled by my customer service ratings. This is not only puzzling, but it is discouraging. I can strive to move forward but I need to know which way is forward.

I think new dashers will have more of a problem with this as they may trust the restaurants a little too much. Restaurants do make mistakes, and the dasher should do their best to make sure that everything the customer ordered is picked up. If a customer is missing an order of fries or a drink, they will not be happy about it and may leave a bad rating. At restaurants where you have to place the order yourself, it is very important to make sure that you look over the order carefully.

For some, they’re waiting to see how the service is and intend to tip later. Among other Top Dasher requirements, you need a 4.7 customer rating. One, bad ratings can make you ineligible for the Top Dasher program. Remember that as an independent contractor in the gig economy, you are your own boss running your own business.

You’ll need to be able to lift at least 50 pounds to become an Instacart driver. You’re also going to earn more if you work in an area that doesn’t have a lot of traffic. Less traffic will allow you to accept more orders. And customers will likely be happier because they don’t have to wait as long for their orders. One of the best ways you can maximize your DoorDash earnings is by being strategic about the orders you accept.

Is Doordash

Now I’m trying to cancel and “this may take a few seconds” has taken about 15 minutes now but go figure lol I literally expected it. When I went to cancel, it automatically offered me a refund to my card which they obviously did because they messed up. Just ordered from UberEats and my food is picked up and on its way, got the call from the driver already. I regret not just going with UberEats from the beginning. It’s 4AM. Doordash, this is pathetic and you seriously can’t expect to retain a customer base like this. Doordash customers expect you to pick up their food from the merchant and then drive directly to them, but this is not always possible.

how to read doordash reviews

Well, if you prefer a flexible way to make money on the go, then DoorDash might be for you. If you’re here, you are probably going through some DoorDash reviews to know whether it’s safe to work for the company delivering food to customers. None of the apps we reached out to told us what their typical commission charges are—they all said that these fees can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. I once got in an ugly shouting match with a customer that had a bad attitude.

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Coffee orders are also terrible unless it’s Starbucks because Starbucks does a good job of packing their stuff. Glad the post could give you a little info about how the app works from the courier side. Sign up below to get all the latest posts right to your mailbox.

The action you just performed triggered the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. One of the benefits of being a good dasher is the early access to the dash schedule. Your paused Dasher account will resume automatically after 10 minutes.

Then, DoorDash will match a Dasher with that order. The Dasher is responsible for picking up the food and delivering it to the customer promptly. The whole process takes place on the Dasher’s app. The App will tell the Dasher when and where to pick up the food and provide a map and contact information of the customer in case they need to reach out. DoorDash is a technology company that aims to help make people’s lives easier.

how to read doordash reviews

On the one side I can see how a ratings system can help them weed out bad drivers, and I do think the 4.2 floor is a reasonable minimum. Now you know everything about the Doordash rating system and what really matters or not. Be on time, provide excellent service and inform your customer about lateness. As for the acceptance rate, choose wisely what order you want to accept or decline and you will be fine.

Dashers that give their full effort to meet customer expectations will enjoy a satisfying ratings that they can be proud of. Most dashers fall in to this category, but there are some dashers who have a very difficult time maintaining an acceptable rating. Sometimes, if a dasher’s ratings fall to low, the opportunity to continue dashing may be terminated.

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For me, being a Dasher makes a lot of sense for four main reasons. Using your Justuseapp card, signup for unlimited subscriptions and free trials without worry. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before. First, you will need to factor in both your taxes and your operating costs. As an independent contractor for DoorDash, you are officially on the hook to pay taxes on what you earn.

Filling out the application should only take you a few minutes. Check out my Nearside signup and referral bonus guide here. Before you can start delivering on DoorDash, you need to pass a background check. DoorDash uses a service called Checkr to run its background checks.

how to read doordash reviews

Back then, you had to first apply online, then go into the local DoorDash office to do an in-person orientation. You aren’t limited to just using a traditional bike either. My brother often does his deliveries using a skateboard.

And if you’re ready to sign up to be a DoorDash Dasher, you can sign up here. Now that you’re set up and scheduled on the app, you can start taking orders. Since you are your own boss, you have the choice to accept or decline orders that are offered to you.

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While waiting for this delivery, another order was offered to me, with a delivery 2 miles from me. I clicked to decline it and it said if I do that, how to read doordash reviews my % will drop to 55%. I’ll tell you what though, even if you do everything perfect all the time, you will not maintain a perfect 5.0 rating.

how to read doordash reviews

Today, you do the entire signup through the app. Once approved, DoorDash will mail you your activation kit, which includes a DoorDash delivery bag and a Dasher card for you to use for any orders that aren’t already prepaid. If you’ve signed up to deliver with a car, you’ll also need to provide your insurance information.

Tried And True Tactics To Keep Your Doordash Customer Ratings Up

For most apps, delivery zones typically make up the entire city that you’re working in. DoorDash, on the other hand, makes their delivery zones much smaller, based more around neighborhoods rather than entire cities. The Reverse Latte Factor takes that idea and applies it in reverse. If we save and invest all of that extra income, it adds up, especially when given enough time. I mentioned this in the introduction, but one of the reasons gig economy apps like DoorDash are so appealing to me is because I can do deliveries using my bike, rather than a car. Indeed, through five years of deliveries, I’ve exclusively used my bike, even in the winter.

Just like any business, the impression people have of your service is crucial to your success. The other thing to keep in mind is that a lot of diners never rate their deliveries. You won’t be able to see how individual customers or Doordash merchants have rated you. The standard set by DoorDash marks any acceptance rate between 25% and 49% a low acceptance rate. Here is a breakdown of all the components of your dasher reviews. The Wall Street community is cautiously optimistic about the stock, with a Moderate Buy consensus rating based on nine Buys and seven Holds.

In my experience, it’s hard to fall below the 4.7 rating threshold for Top Dasher (and I don’t really care about Top Dasher status). Remember that your total earnings are based on base pay, incentives and customer tips. If the order amount that’s presented to you is extremely low, it means the customer either didn’t tip or the tip was very small. Unfortunately, things happen as Doordash drivers that threaten can threaten our customer rating.

  • When someone signs up to use DoorDash, they will use their email and password to sign in to the app or online platform.
  • Those who work for DoorDash and other services like it face a variety of dangers posed by inattentive drivers, poor infrastructure, the weather, and other people.
  • Since you’re running your own delivery business, it’s important to approach every delivery as you’d approach any business decision.
  • You can also earn a $150 signup bonus if you open a free Albert cash account.
  • When you shop through retailer links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions.

I placed an order for delivery and the driver texted me that my order was picked up before they arrived at the restaurant. I had to contact customer service to get my money back and reorder. I tried to order again, this time for pick up. When I arrived at the restaurant they told me they did not have an an order for me. I looked at the app and it was already picked up, by who no one knows. I contacted customer service and they did not refund my money but said they would get back to me in a day or 2.

But in all fairness most of the negative reviews on the BBB are customer complaints, not exclusively from Dashers. But if you’re looking for an opportunity to make real money working part time or full time, check out My Top Work At Home Recommendation. It’s nice that lunch and one more meal of your choosing is on them. That means more money on your pocket at the end of the day. But you have to keep in mind that gas, maintenance and tax expenses are on you. However DoorDash gives Dashers some incentives including free meals, drinks and gift cards during flexible working hours.

Can You See Who Rated You On Doordash?

You’re paid for the tasks you complete, not the time you spend working, so any time spent sitting around is ultimately going to hurt your bottom line. If it doesn’t seem like the wait will be much longer, then it’s likely worth waiting. But if you get the sense that the order isn’t going to be ready for a long time, it may make sense to unassign the order and move on to another one.

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